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Do you feel like you need to shake things up?

A photo shoot with us is a confidence boost experience!

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Get ready to feel
sexy and alive!

Begin your photo experience with in studio professional hair and make up. Whether you want natural or a full glam our artists are passionate about getting your look just right.

No experience needed!

We know how to get the perfect pose and expressions and will guide you every step of the way to create exquisite images that capture your unique beauty. 

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Maybe it's time to
turn up the volume?!

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While we believe every woman is gorgeous just how she is, we also know its rare that a gal gets to take the time to have a full day of glam, over- the-top fabulousness with hot images as a keepsake.

Romantic classic studio space 

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Located in Sisters Oregon

Sexiest gift this valentines day!

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Behind the camera:
Kathy here- I offer unique photo experiences that empower; by giving you the space to let go of inhibitions, tap into your essence as a woman or perhaps conquer fears of not being enough. 

I am here to serve you. To have conversation around who you are;
"You're the definition of Beauty" - and I want to help you see yourself as I see you. So you can embrace giving yourself more love, compassion and grace. As a Body Image Bootcamp Facilitator I have explored how to craft questions to ask you, so that we can create the most of your experience.

I am a passionate award winning photographer that sees each client as the definition of beauty and my goal is to show "her" to you in amazingly crafted images. 
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Check out more images in our gallery

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