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Make believe!

I challenge you to see yourself as art. Probably a large majority of you have art on your bodies. Each tattoo has a story, emotion, reason behind it.

Self compassion, acceptance and loving yourself is an art all by itself. The sense of empowerment, independence and “bad assery” you feel by doing something that you love, just for you, is a really important part of your wellbeing. Loving yourself is definitely an art that many of us have not fully mastered. Self-love is a continuous work in progress.

We created our retreats encourage and support these ongoing efforts. We take time to explore society and patriarchal norms and how they effect our body image ideals. Relaxation, art journaling, spa services, connecting with nature, movement and a photo shoot makes the experience unforgettable.

After a weekend of great food and conversation you leave with images of yourself that will be printed as ART! Yes you, having on the wall to display the perfection of yourself- in the moment, powerful, glorious!

Ready to join us? Continue to the event page here to register-

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